Anna Graves – Class of 2024

Personal Records (PRs)

Cross Country
5K = 17:54.27

Outdoor Track

800m = 2:16.85

1600m = 5:09.22

1 Mile = 5:00.40

2 Mile = 11:03.09

Indoor Track
800m = 2:16.85
1 mile =  5:08.69
2 mile = 11:07.45

Running Career Highlights

Prior to Freshman Year of High school:

Anna’s Freshman year was the 2020 school year.  It was her first year competing for Webb School of Knoxville.  She had numerous notable meets with competitive times prior to her freshman year in High School.

  1. Anna began competing in the AAU Junior Olympics the summer of 2015 at the age of 9 and continued attending these races for four summers. Her time in the 800M of 2:55.3 earned her 31st in the Nation.
  2. Anna improved her performance to 2:45.62 in the 800M and 5:36.44 in the 1500M in the AAU Nationals in Texas in summer of 2016.
  3. In 2017, Anna stepped it up another notch to come in 2nd in the nation in the AAU Indoor Nationals in Michigan in the 3000M with a time of 11:30.81.
  4. In 2018, Anna came in 2nd in the nation in the AAU Indoor Nationals in both the 1500M with a time of 5:08.26 and 2nd in the nation in the 3000M with a time of 11:08.91. The AAU Indoor nationals were held in Landover, MD in 2018.
  5. Anna was the national champion at the AAU Junior Olympics in 2019 with a time of 10:43 in the 3k.
  6. Anna has competed in the Southern Footlocker Regional Cross Country Races annually since 2015 ranking in the top 10 every year.
  7. The global pandemic affected numerous sports. There was no 2020 outdoor track season due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic.  Anna continued to train throughout this time and remained committed to the sport she loves.

High School Track and Cross-Country Highlights:

Anna has competed for the Webb School of Knoxville for both her Freshman and Sophomore years.  Since 2017, Anna has worked with Olympian Tony Cosey in her training.  Coach Cosey has been instrumental in her development as an athlete and as a person.  Some of Anna’s best races are listed below.

2020 – 2021:  Freshman Year in High school – Webb School of Knoxville / Cosey Elite

  1. Anna’s HS 2020 Freshman cross-country season began strong with a 1st place finish in the 2-mile Melton Hill opener.
  2. In the same year, TSSAA D-II Regionals were held in Chattanooga where Anna placed first in the with a time of 19:53.87 in the 5k.
  3. She improved her Cross-country 5k time to 19:46.34 in the TSSAA D-II STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in Hendersonville.
  4. Anna continued her freshman year with impressive times in her indoor season. She traveled to Birmingham, AL to run in the Coach O Indoor Track and Field Invitational.  She won FIRST PLACE in the 1500M with a time of 5:06.22. and 4th place in the 800M with a time of 2:30.83.
  5. Also notable for her freshman indoor track season was a win in the TFCUSA Indoor Nationals in Birmingham with a new PR at the time of 2:29.18 in the 800M.
  6. The 2021 outdoor track season began strong with a win at William Blount HS with a 2:23.90 and new PR in the 800M. Anna’s season continued strong which led her to post FOUR FIRST PLACE FINISHES in 1600M, 3200M, 800M Relay at various outdoor track meets.
  7. The regular season of outdoor track finished with numerous wins in the TSSAA Division-IIA East. She came in FIRST in the 800 with a time of 2:21.63, FIRST in the 1600M with a time of 5:20.58, and FIRST in the 3200M with a time of 12:05.28.  Anna came in SECOND in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 3200 with a time of 11:49.45.  She came in THIRD in the State Championships with a time of 2:19.21 in the 800M.  She also won the 4X800M relay with a time of 10:03.31.
  8. Anna has run the Tony Parilla Thrilla Outdoor track meet for the past two years where she came in FIRST in both races. She ran the 800M both times and posted times of 2:23.06 in 2021 and 2:19.17 in 2022.  Anna considers herself blessed to be coached and influenced by Olympians including Coach Tony Cosey, Coach Jerome Romain, and Coach Tony Parilla.  Others that have encouraged Anna over the years are Coach Charles Oliver (“Coach O”) and Coach Shane Begnaud.

2021– 2022: Sophomore year in High School – Webb School of Knoxville / Cosey Elite

  1. Anna ran the Knoxville Youth Athletics Indoor HS Invitational at ETSU in Johnson City. This was the first race of the indoor season and she posted a time of 5:25.59 and came in 5th.  She followed that by a 5:13.09 showing in the 1 mile in Louisville, KY at the Southeast Showdown indoor meet.  She came in 2nd with a time of 5:14.32 in the TN State HS Indoor Track Championships.  She also posted a 2 mile time of 11:07.45 in the Eastern Indoor Championships in Louisville, KY with a SECOND PLACE FINISH.
  2. In March of 2022, She ran the NEW BALANCE INDOOR NATIONALS in NEW YORK CITY for the mile: 5:09.73 with a new PR and 13th
  3. Anna began her Sophomore outdoor track season with an 11:03.09 in the 2 mile and a 4th place finish in the Volunteer Track Classic at UT Knoxville.
  4. She followed the strong performance at UTK with a 5:03.31 PR in the MILE at the Eastern Relays in Louisville, KY in April of 2022. This was her new personal record in the mile with a 3rd overall finish in the mile.
  5. After her Eastern Relays break out race – she posted SEVEN MORE FIRST PLACE FINISHES, TWO SECOND PLACE FINISHES, and a FIFTH PLACE in the State for the 1600. This included phenomenal performances in the 800M in Chattanooga where she garnered a PR with 2:16.85 in the 800M.  She won 2nd in the state in the 800M and their relay team CAME IN FIRST in the state in their division.

2022-2023: Junior Year in High School- Webb School of Knoxville / Cosey Elite

  1. Anna opened her Cross-Country season at the Meet in the Middle 09/08/22. Running a PR of 19:15.97.
  2. Anna achieved a new 5k PR at the Jesse Owens Classic 10/01/22, placing second with a time of 17:54.27.
  3. Anna placed second at the KIL Cross Country meet 10/8/22 with a time of 18:16.
  4. Anna was the state runner up with a time of 18:49.90.
  5. Anna competed in the KYA HS Time trials 11/18/22 and finished first with a PR of 10:54.07 in the 2 mile.
  6. Anna and her team competed in the Nike Cross Country Regional meet and Anna ran a time of 18:44.50. Her team qualified as the first girls team from Tennessee to race at the Nike Cross Country Nationals.
  7. Anna ran 18:55.70 placing 107th in the nation at the Nike Cross Country Nationals meet in Portland, Oregon.
  8. Anna began her indoor season at the Vanderbilt Indoor Track Classic with a time of 2:25.77 in the 800 and a time of 5:11.77 in the mile.
  9. Anna was the fourth leg in a 4×8 relay at the Mondo Elite HS Invitational with a 2:17 split and a 9:26.70 overall time ranking her team 7th in the nation at the time.
  10. Anna competed in the Indoor Eastern Relays and ran a PR of 2:16.21.

Outside Interests:

Anna has been playing piano for over 10 years. Throughout her 10 years of piano she has played for many nursing homes and other venues. Anna has been a part of the band since middle school where she has played the flute, piccolo, and piano accompaniments in an ensemble setting. Music is a prominent factor in her life and provides a positive outlet to challenge her comprehension and musical skill set. Anna participates in many clubs at school including the Interact Club where she works with the school to volunteer at food shelters. Anna is also the President and Founder of the 4-square club at Webb School of Knoxville where she encourages fun competition and promotes a space to expand her and her peers’ relationships with one another. Anna has served as a worship leader and caregiver at her local church in the preschool department.

Anna has a love for the sport that has been a huge part of her life.  Anna has been blessed to be personally coached by Tony Cosey to achieve her goals and be the best she can be.  Coach Cosey is hopeful that Anna will use her prolific track and cross-country career to be a platform to share her faith in God.  Anna considers her gift of running to be an important part of her life.  Anna and her family have traveled across the country for continued opportunities for Anna to get faster, grow as a person, and be an example for others seeking to become a part of the running life and most importantly to show her love and dedication to the sport.